Do companies need experienced Sales and Marketing team?

Business SpanishExperience in sales and marketing is continuously regarded as one of the strongholds for any company to survive in the competitive business world. As the world continues to change, organizations are coming up with different methods to create awareness about their goods and services. While hiring an experienced individual with credible background on sales and marketing may present some opportunities, the traditional techniques of creating awareness to the public about goods and service may be challenged by the new methods. For instance, there are those organizations that still prefer purchasing space on the newspaper when compared to startup companies focusing on the Internet and the power it presents in the current technology world.

In order to understand the value of experience in any sales and marketing business category, it is important to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and Internet marketing respectively. Marketing is meant to help grow and promote businesses. It encompasses various options including creating awareness through publicity, executing sales through merchandising and ensuring there is efficiency in supply through distribution.

While both the Internet, which is the new age of marketing seems to be picking up quite fast, there are multiple business people who seem to prefer the traditional form of marketing such as newspaper, radio and television respectively. Traditional marketing utilizes the concept of direct sales with the described Medias in place.  Note that employing an individual who may have been in the traditional marketing arena could help provide more opportunities for the company to move forward. A few years ago, the Internet was not as strong as today as access to computers was not opened to everyone, but with the introduction of social media, access to the Internet has become primary to many people and this is the opportunities that experienced new age marketing strategies where the Internet is playing a key role are using.

Therefore, with regards to the marketing ideas you intend to use, sometimes focusing on the experienced persons within that particular strategy should be realized. For instance, if you find the traditional techniques a lot more welcoming, an experienced sales and marketing team on those marketing ideas should be taken into consideration as compared to an Internet and social media expert who may not have the same skills. Anyhow, does internet marketing out way the traditional methods? The dilemma that seems to be affecting most people is the fact that even the print media, radio and television also seem to be using the same platforms to create awareness.

The point is that they are trying to transition with technology and this is the same idea a professionally acclaimed sales and marketing expert should have an eye on. With modern techniques, results are much more measurable with decision making procedure a lot easier since real data and qualitative results can be noticed thus making them available on the spot. Since the current world is changing quite fast, experience is not the only advantage a business needs to move forward thus why they strive to remain updated especially on the fields of sales and marketing where the rules of the game keep changing.


Carmit Yadin


The Role of Level3 in Telecommunications Business World

telecom connectionWhen it comes to efficient network, Level3, a company founded on the basis of scalable and cost effective reliable networks, stands above the crowd to help people grow their businesses accordingly. The potential benefit of network in the digital field technology world is to accelerate growth by efficiently creating an admirable work environment. Level3 is dependable as it helps build, protect and manage networks that businesses rely on to connect to their potential suppliers and customers. Level3 strives to become part of the solution through its amazing products such as the Level3 Cares, one of the celebrated programs in the organization. This corporate social responsibility program works hard to serve the underprivileged.

The role of Level3 in the telecommunications business world is to spearhead growth by altering the strategic plans employed when doing business. In order to compete in the current economy, companies are relying on different kinds of applications such as emailing system carefully integrated into their systems to be accessible by employees and other key persons in the company. The objective of Level3 is to promote efficiency by improving network intelligence, boost performance and ensure there is reliable customer support. All these goals ensure that business demands are met with regards to quality and quantity that will help the companies grow beyond their expectations.

The need to analyze more data everyday is forcing companies like Level3 to come up with creative e ways in which they will not only help them achieve their goals, but also create an admirable atmosphere where companies can operate without fear of data loss or damage to potential customer documents due to unstable networks or possible security threats. A strategic disaster recovery, avoidance and data center optimization procedures could be described as one of the many ways in which Level3 impacts the telecommunications world positively. In order to meet those challenges already convened as reasons to business failures, aggressive methodologies are used to reduce such outcomes.

According to different views, it is said that by 2015, the storage capacities that organizations will be searching for may be unavailable if companies like Level3 don’t come up with new ways to satisfy that growth rate. While today we are simply talking about terabytes, by that time, the topical subject on the same would be petabytes and thus the emergence of the cloud based storage services has recently been listed as one option to help drive such traffic. With such options in place, small and midsize businesses will have a reason to double or triple their investments overtime.


In order to develop the next generation for corporate leaders, CEO’s are maximizing on any available resource. For instance, start up Nation, which is a renowned Israeli entrepreneurial strategy plan that is driving the young generation to an established position to set up their own businesses with ease, Level3 on the other hand spearheads return on investments by offering technology filled network platforms that these start-ups and any other organization can rely on.

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SoftLayer in your cloud – Product Review

cloudcomputingMany people have been told that they live with their heads in the clouds, but in our technologically-dependent society, this phrase has taken on much more validity. “The cloud” is a term used to describe massive off-site computing, storage and sharing capacity that allows consumers to store and cooperate on materials virtually. The service provider that you select for your cloud computing is critical for the service that you will receive and the capabilities that will be afforded to your company. For those focused on the most industry-leading technology and connectivity should look to SoftLayer for a truly innovative approach to the cloud.

Build Your Own Cloud

The cloud is not something that exists in the same way for all users. As with traditional forms of hosting and management, each user is afforded his own performance capacities that match the needs of his information processing and sharing. Unfortunately, streamlining has made purchasing the actual machinery that will create your cloud rather limited when it comes to some sources. If you choose a small physical server you are automatically going to be given limited RAM and CPU capabilities as well. Though this may seem an obvious progression of choices, developing the ideal cloud for a specific application is not always this cut-and-dry. SoftLayer’s individualized approach to offering servers provides individual users the ideal balance of scalability, flexibility, performance and security to address the precise needs of the user rather than offering a generic bundle and requiring the user to adjust his use to that bundle. When purchasing with SoftLayer you will select the number of cores that you   want and the amount of RAM independently in order to develop your ideal cloud.


The registered technology of SoftLayer, CloudLayer, provides a range of cloud solutions that are easily maintained yet offer unparalleled security and flexibility. Users can select access to a public cloud, private cloud or what the company refers to as a “bare metal” cloud which offers tremendous processing power but without additional features of virtualization. The technology offered by these solutions far exceeds the capacities of competitors, creating a genuine virtual data center that eliminates the need for traditional management, hosting and server technologies.


With all of this flexibility and personalization does come more complication when it comes to developing your personal solutions. Rather than just a few options that are fairly easy to work through, SoftLayer offers several pages of options for precise optimization of your cloud services. This wide variety of options and detailing can be confusing for some users. Fortunately, the company also offers an incredibly committed service and support team centralized in a detailed, highly user-friendly customer portal. Service tickets are responded to within twenty minutes of receipt, and should you need further attention you can rely on a real person answering the phone by the second ring. Customer issues are resolved promptly by highly trained and skilled professionals to ensure that each user gets the most from his personal cloud.



Industry leading security is created through the cooperation of private and public networks, scheduled hardware upgrades and redundant infrastructure, all of which ensure your information is protected at all times in your cloud. This security is combined with versatile storage options for maximum usability.

SoftLayer’s insightful approach to data and hosting offers users total flexibility and control as well as industry-leading security and usability. With a personalized approach to server purchasing, SoftLayer ensures that each user’s access to the cloud is optimized for his specific needs.


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Carmit Yadin

The eSoft InstaGate 806 Product Review

securityeSoft InstaGate 806 remains an aggressive product that is remarkably taking over the market due to its amazing security features. The upgraded hardware also contributes the massive throughput speeds. eSoft was incorporated back in 1984 and has been an innovator in the security market since the late 90’s. Although eSoft UK market entrance seems to be gradual, eSoft’s longevity as a security provider is a differing factor from other security vendors, and it’s the reason most users have taken it as a preferred choice when compared to the third party hosted services.

eSoft InstaGate 806 is an amazing firewall that more than anything stands above the rest in terms of firewall inspection, proxy scanning and above all, one of the notable real time threat monitoring platforms. As cyber security continues to threaten business people relying on the Internet for communication and transactions, the ability to scan web and emails for worms, viruses and other computer threats remain the absolute reason users are still glued to InstaGate due to its solid protection that properly fits in any small to medium-sized business..

The configuration procedure is another reason that best connects InstaGate with the current technology. While in the past such as products were configured and manned by IT experts, today, systems have been designed with step by step guidelines, which help any user to configure easily the program and secure his data without any difficulties. The availability of the web-based wizard, whose well presented steps make it a lot easier to follow along, makes InstaGate 806 ready to go application. The beauty of InstaGate is that once installed in your system, everything else is managed through the Internet as it supports a web-based management interface.

InstaGate is also designed to incorporate the eSoft’s ThreatPaks. These ThreatPaks come into forms and those include web and email ThreatPaks respectively. Note that the web based ThreatPak has the solemn duty to enhance web security and prevent any form of intrusion to the system as it features the intrusion prevention system in addition to its amazing gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware. In addition to the security features, Web ThreatPak is also able to provide web filtering by category (social networks, games, adult materials, etc) to increase productivity and ensure that websites are work appropriate. While the web ThreatPak has those duties, on the other hand, the email ThreatPak incorporates the web and any other email functions that would see security enhanced on the emailing system such as remarkable spam filter and built-in email server respectively. Is eSoft’s InstaGate the ideal solution to any business performance security threat out there?

According to eSoft, the continued support of its products on the account of customers’ subscriptions is the reason customers find them reliable, but despite the easy to implement and easy to use products, eSoft’s InstaGate 806 or any other products within the same category for that matter, doesn’t come without its own flaws. If there is slowed system upgrade, like any other web based program with access to the Internet, it is poised to unstable network security among other related threats. To mitigate this issue, eSoft products have an automatic install feature that allows any available security updates to be installed automatically at a preset day and time. This ensures network administrators keep their systems up-to-date and their network protected.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the demerits and thus even with other competitors laying out their products for customers to compare; eSoft stands tall as a noble business protection solution for all investors to explore.

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Carmit Yadin

Vulnerability and Risk Management Solutions

risk.imageAccording to a recent report published by World Economic Forum (WEF), it is reported that there are various technological sources to risks such as cyber attacks, which came first in the reviews after increased cases on fraud and data theft were reported.

It is widely construed that technological problems are on top of the list when it comes to risk factors, but according to the WEF report, it is the other way round with Cyber attacks ranking top while technological issues at the bottom. To curb vulnerability issues IT experts are regularly trying out new products. One of the oldest solutions is the nCircle’s IP360 and as a scalable enterprise product, it proactively works to deliver a comprehensive view of the network risk by enabling admirable risk reduction process that also agrees with the user’s budget. The objectives of nCircle IP360 include

ü  Measuring network security and possible risk factors by using various methodologies such as objective metrics.

ü  Managing network security enterprise system integration and dashboard reporting

ü  Reducing network security risks by ensuring that all IT resources are clearly focused to the designated zones.

As an enterprise level security solution, IP360 from nCircle is deployed to any network regardless of the environment it occupies.

People keep asking the same questions over and over regarding technological risks and other related network risk factors that could provoke users to seek immediate help. There is increased demand for rapid equitable resources when dealing with big data and other analytics systems. For instance, commercial systems already in use by the public such as the new Facebook graph search and Google search are all facing vulnerability risk factors that could affect systems and lead to data loss.

Generally, data theft seems to be increasing every day because users are not focusing on the side effects associated with privacy interference. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, identifying information and sensitive personal data should be first hand.  IP360 from nCirlce sets the industry standard to combat effectively security issues and this begins with installation procedures where the product is described as one of the easiest to install.

nCircle Expanded Print 512x512In order to point out the set expectations in terms of delivery and malignant security problems, in addition to its great flexibility where IT experts can explore various options thus making their objectives easier to achieve, nCircle IP360 is linked to intuitive interface with plethora of delivered options.

How secure is your network and is it compliant to the current risk management solutions? What are some of the leading issues that must be addressed to help boost security and achieve the set standards? Who should be associated with security issues and what are experts doing to avert them? Well, all of those questions are targeted to IT experts as they strive to explore the market for the right vulnerability and risk management solution. This is where IP360 comes in since it is not only cost effective but also boasts the most admirable features to help fight all network security threats today and in the future.

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Carmit Yadin

Palo Alto Networks Firewall Review

palo_alto_firewallA security breach to your company’s sensitive data through flaky firewall system could result to the downfall of your business from the market place.

While some organizations are seeking alternatives to the traditional firewall system, most companies are sticking to it due to the continuous enhancements done to perfect security and maintain its admirable services. According to the latest Palo Alto Networks firewall reviews, this outstanding product still stands out among the best options up to date, and its services will continue to prevail.

Palo Alto Networks is renowned for its efforts in identifying key elements that next generation firewall would require. Overall, the Palo Alto Networks firewall is the answer to all the doubts about firewall as its new product answers all those questions brought up by users and competitors. Some of the highlighted benefits include its capacity to be seen in all applications regardless of the type of port, protocols, SSL encryption or even tactics used. Palo Alto is perhaps not the only organization that is working to ensure firewall services are intact, but it is by far the one coming up with positive results.

In addition to visibility as a benefit, there are other advantages associated with the next generation firewall such as having the ability to identify applications and those using them by their names instead of the IP addresses. This means that the real time threat prevention tools will challenge hackers trying to sabotage firewall security by catching them before they even attempt their worst.

A lot of product reviews based on the current and future security systems have flocked the internet and other media sources. Although not everyone sees the objectives Palo Alto firewall system is working to accomplish, especially with the unveiling of five primary requirements in the next generation firewall, there are still many who are able to work out the differences and identify its outstanding benefits. It can be hard to know when malwares will bypass the firewall system as there are many causes thus why it is always good to stay one step ahead.

palo_alto_networks_logoPalo Alto is always working to redefine the way firewall works in securing data and other sensitive information from malware attacks and hackers. For instance, just recently, it is reported to have identified 900 applications that it could manage directly, this means it is the first of its kind to reach that particular level.

Of course not everyone has the same views, there have been allegations that the product has failed to provide complete visibility to aid on information and content inspection. The point is that every product must have its flaws, and while Palo Alto Networks Firewall System may have its own, it remains the leader in securing top secret and sensitive data by updating the product on a regular basis.

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Carmit Yadin

Does Your Data Stay Safe In The Cloud?

Data Security in the CloudIn the field of IT and other computing technologies, advancement is taken as a routine course that is still in its gradual progress. Cloud computing is one of the evolving methods that seem to be enhancing communication through national TV advertising campaigns and data security as a whole. However, despite its increased acceptance, the question of data safety is still on the rise such as data backup, possible hacks or whether it’s safe to sign a contract with an authorized cloud service provider.

Well, either of those questions have answers and as much as people still seek to understand the potential risk of losing their data due to concerns on cloud computing especially on service up time, the importance of keeping data safe remains one of the reasons the new  technology is still in high use. Generally, the question asked by most people is based on responsibility, while people have different sets of arguments on cloud computing, the basis in responsibilities to trust the safety of important business documents and other necessary sensitive documents such as credit card details to third parties has become a necessary precaution to take.

Note that special documents are only termed as safe when in your own personal possession thus why the question on data safety in the cloud is still a debatable concept.

Does your data stay safe in the cloud? Multiple companies are slowly realizing the potential benefits in running their business by maximizing on cloud computing. Although the media is taking its part to make unexpected errors in the cloud newsworthy thus impacting the highly used technology negatively, it appears as though companies are weighing the results and realizing that the benefits outweigh the demerits.

What does cloud computing do such that businesses find it lucrative to them?  The advantage of this amazing technology is to provide businesses with low prices in exchange for advanced technology since IT resources are shared with other companies thus reducing certain costs such as software licensing or even buying servers. The added support in some cloud computing contracts such as pay-as-you-go have also proven beneficial as they allow businesses to pay for what they use and nothing more. For instance, in cases where limited staff members need access to the financial software, instead of purchasing a license that will cover more users, the pay-as-you-go plan would easily take care of this thus saving on the overall cost.

To better access all the benefits of cloud computing, it is primary that data has to be uploaded into the cloud and thus the question of its safety especially data that could be potentially sensitive and risky if accessed by third parties.

It is obvious that when any substantial information is wrongly received by unintended person, the overall circumstance should be regarded as a breach of secrecy and notice thus has to be taken. Small companies would not hesitate to construe the outcome as a risk to their stored information.

Top security technology and the methods used to secure data

Due to the increased questions on data privacy, the leading data centers and cloud providers have found the solutions towards data security by hiring the top security human resource to handle businesses, whether small or large. This is not all; these gurus have also maximized on strongest security technology such as tools and other methods that might be handy to their objectives. Firewalls, IPS/IDS antivirus, biometric encryptions, vulnerabilities in hacking attacks, statistics reviews and data analysis among other strategies have all become added methods to help safeguard customer data as needed.

Other than maintaining top notch security techniques, cloud centers have also embarked on keeping everything up to date, a technique that is preferable in security enhancement!

All industries have different security requirements depending on the businesses they run. The cloud is designed to predict and measure the performance of different organizations with relation to their internal goals. This is further adjusted according to the performance of the industry peers on the same.  Overall, the cloud will be able to enhance performance measurement in comparison to the organization’s vulnerability management, patch management, configuration auditing, and identity and access management. Other options on security management include anti-virus and endpoint protection programs against various industry benchmarks updated by the organizations.

Cost reduction and solutions: who can do this better for me?

You can either choose to hire private staff to help with securing data or purchase expensive equipment and software to aid on the same. Other added expenses include maintenance and daily updates, which could all pile up to huge monthly or yearly payments. Whatever the case, the use of cloud based software has been categorized as the actual solution to affordable security since all’s needed is a onetime purchase subscription to software that fits your security requirements thus the  cost of the subscription is the only thing the buyer has to worry about.

cloud-computing (1)

The Solution

Since IT and security is not something your business should put its efforts when it intends to grow having a third party deal with those issues can solve the problem., Cloud security is the strongest security measure when compared to what most companies SMB and enterprises provide thus allowing you to focus on your business without having to worry about technologies that don’t relate to your area of work but still necessary in the well-being of your company.

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Carmit Yadin